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Low flat rates
No hidden fees - ever
No contract lock-up
No commitments
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Flat rate factoring and same-day pay puts more money in your hands.

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Carrier factoring

Don't wait 30 days to get paid. Our factoring company for carriers pays you within 24 hours – no additional fees. Access your cash flow today.

Same-day payment

Invoicing on us

No hidden fees

Flat non-recourse rate

Broker financing

Flat rates

Same-day payment

QuickPay for carriers

Our truck factoring services streamline the process of getting paid for brokers, too. We QuickPay your carriers while you focus on business.

Credit lines

Borrow up to $5M with
a flexible credit line. Our revolving line of credit lets you borrow and only pay for what you actually use.

Up to $5 million

Daily interest

Revolving credit

How to get started
Apply online

Fill out our 2-minute application. Answer some questions and upload some documents.

Submit invoices

Once you’ve completed your application, simply log in to the portal and submit your invoices.

Get funded

Approvals normally take less than hour. Submit an invoice by 12:30pm ET to get paid the same day.

Testimonials ❤️
Buffalo Trucking

We have had great success with InstaPay. Really easy to work with. No contracts is great. Stephen is our contact and he is awesome. 24 hr pay. Keep the companies that you already have pay quick. Give them a call.

RD Transport

Jamelle helps us out when we call with questions and makes the process work fast. Thank you so much for all you guys do there to help us as a small business in the trucking industry.

One Road Express

We have had nothing but a great experience. Fast and on time payment, easy document submission and very prompt to assist with any questions or concerns. Their web interface is also a great tool for tracking payments.

Why InstaPay?


Don't wait to receive payments from your clients— try InstaPay, the first freight factoring company for trucking that has one flat rate, same-day funding, and no signup or termination fees. Apply now and get approved on the same day.


Our trucking factoring solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Get signed up in minutes for our standard 3 percent non-recourse product for carriers, or request a quote if your fleet is more than five trucks in size.

same-day pay

As soon as the load is processed, you get your money. In most cases, our truck factoring service can return payment to you that day or the next. You’ll no longer need to wait weeks for payments to show up in your account. This ensures that you’ll have the capital you need for payroll, maintenance, fuel and more.

Collections on us

When you pick InstaPay, we handle all invoicing and collections for you. Whether you’re a carrier or a broker, our truck factoring services streamline the process of getting paid for your hard work. Just upload your invoices to our online portal and we take care of the rest.  

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