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Benefits of Factoring Freight Invoices

Small businesses and established fleets can all benefit from invoice factoring.

Factoring puts money into your hands quickly. Whether a small business or established company, factoring has many benefits for brokers and carriers.

Immediate cash flow: you won’t be waiting 30 days to get paid ever again! Many factors have same or next-day payment options.

Haul more loads: Increased cash flow means you can pay out your expenses and take on more loads.

More attention toward business operations: you no longer have to spend time invoicing and collecting payments. The factoring company takes care of that on your behalf!

It’s fast: some brokers pay every 30 days, some pay every 45 days. Most factors pay you within the week, if not on the same or next day. You get your funds fast.

Save time: management won’t be spending time tracking down invoices or payments. Factors take care of the invoicing, collections, and disputes.

Avoid bad debt: A bad debt is money owed to a creditor that is unlikely to be paid. Factoring, especially non-recourse, protects you if a broker goes out of business or can’t pay on a load.
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