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Update the CamScanner App to Avoid Hacking

September 20, 2019
CamScanner for Android was recently hacked. Update the app to avoid hacking!
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InstaPay Partners with Dwolla for Faster Payments

September 12, 2019
InstaPay gives carriers an extra hour to submit invoices now thanks to Dwolla.
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What is Invoice Factoring and How Does it Work?

September 9, 2019
Learn about the factoring process and why so many businesses are using it.
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How to Pick the Best Factoring Company

August 26, 2019
There's a few key things to consider before signing up with a factoring company.
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Why Transportation Companies Factor Their Invoices

August 13, 2019
Transportation companies turn to factoring because of the increased cash flow and overhead cost reduction.
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Carrier Factoring Mythbusters: Cash Flow is the Only Benefit

August 5, 2019
Factoring companies like InstaPay offer significant cost savings on top of cash flow.
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Update Your Invoices on InstaPay's Online Portal

July 29, 2019
InstaPay's online portal has a new feature that lets you upload new docs and leave notes.
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Carrier Factoring Mythbusters: Every Factor has a Contract

July 22, 2019
Many factoring companies lock you up in contracts - but not InstaPay.
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