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How to Get Paid by InstaPay

If you’re working with a broker who is an InstaPay client, here’s how you can set up your account with us to get paid. Recently, we added a new payment processor so you’ll have to re-verify your banking information. To get started, we will send you an e-mail stating the broker’s name. In this case, the broker is good Guys Logistics.

1. When you receive this email from InstaPay, click on “Create account.” The link is good for just 24 hours.

2. When you click on “Create account,” you’ll be directed to this page. Here you can provide all your basic information including name, email, business name, phone number, and MC number.

3. Now you have to provide us with your account and routing numbers. We need this information so we can pay you on behalf of your broker. We will not be able to withdraw any funds from your account.

4. Click “Finish” and you should see this page confirming that your account has been created.

5. You’ll receive an email confirmation, too. If you don’t receive an email, be sure to check your junk/spam folder.

Now you’re all set to get paid by us!

Interested in freight factoring? InstaPay has a 3% flat fee with no other hidden fees or time commitments. Sign up today!

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