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Benefits of driving trucks for a small business
26 May 2020

Small trucking companies tend to get a bad rap, which is pretty unfair considering all the positives that come from being part of a smaller operation. Whether you’re new to the industry or have driven thousands of miles already, it’s important to keep in mind the benefits of smaller, local trucking. Here are just a few:

Competitive Compensation Packages

Typically, smaller trucking businesses come with more competitive compensation packages. This is true for many reasons including splitting loads between company drivers and owner-operators, while larger businesses rely heavily upon drivers! Such a plan allows for less overhead, ultimately letting smaller companies pay their company drivers more money. 

Contributing to the local economy

In the age of globalization, it’s important for some truckers to acknowledge that every mile they put in is directly contributing to their local community. A successful local business and robust economy often means more local tax money to directly improve schools, hospitals, infrastructure, etc! 


Your workplace size and culture can have a big effect on how things are handled under pressure and a national trucking company won’t give their drivers the same leeway that a local company would. Smaller workplaces are known to increase humanization - so that you don’t just feel like a number in a sea of workers. They tend to be more understanding too.

Furthermore, large trucking companies may make it harder to request time off or switch shifts with co-workers, even when you really need it.

Knowing exactly who you’re working for 

Sometimes it can be hard to feel motivated in a large company that feels more like a nameless operation. That’s why knowing the company owner personally and even getting along with co-workers can help you feel more connected to the company’s vision and goals. 

26 May 2020
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