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Carrier Factoring Mythbusters: Every Factor has a Contract
22 July, 2019

Not Every Factor has a Contract

Carriers want options when looking to factor. They want the option to negotiate rates, speak with customer support when needed, and quit factoring whenever they want. There is a common myth amongst carriers that their factor will lock them into a contract.

This may not be a myth in some cases, though. Most factoring companies actually do want to lock carriers into a contract for a certain number of invoices over a specific time period.

Most factors, if not all, require carriers to sign an annual contract. InstaPay, however, doesn’t lock carriers into a contact with terms of length. There is a terms of service which a carrier is bound to upon signing, but that does not mean a carrier is stuck factoring with InstaPay for an X amount of time. Carriers can cancel factoring with us at any time for any reason.

The fact is that carriers have options. They can choose a factor with contracts and other hidden fees, or they can factor with companies that allow carriers flexibility of submitting whatever invoices they want, when they want. No commitments - ever.

22 July, 2019
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