Try InstaPay's Online Portal

Did you know there’s an easy way to manage your account with us online? InstaPay's online portal makes factoring easy.

How to Use InstaPay's Online Portal

InstaPay’s portal gives carriers 24/7 online access to all their information in one place. With just a computer or phone and an internet connection, you can manage your account from anywhere.

  • Upload new invoices. This is useful because it takes a longer time to process payments when we get invoices through email. Once you switch to the online portal, you can expect quick uploads and faster processing times. This means you could get paid sooner!
  • View invoice history. Forgot how much you got paid for a certain load in the past? Want to view invoices from the last 30 days only? You can filter through invoices based on time period and status. View which invoices got paid, collected, or rejected.
  • View your customers list. Want to check your open AR with a customer? Don’t remember if you worked with someone in the past? The customers list lets you view all past customers and when was the last time we worked with them.
  • Check broker credit. This is our newest feature! You can now view your customers' credit and other brokers' credit before working with them! You won’t have to call or email us. Read our guide to using credit checks here!
  • Chat with customer support. The chat function on our portal lets you connect with a customer support agent almost instantly. Support should be able to answer any questions you have about brokers, credit checks, and more!

See how convenient that is?! Shorter wait times, quick communication, and a complete history of all your factoring is now in one place.

Still on the fence about switching? We decided to demo how quick and easy it is to access and navigate the portal below.

If you already have an account with us, sign in to your portal and start keeping track of your invoices and customers today! If you aren’t factoring with us, sign up today! Try us for free with no commitments and get paid the same day!