Update the CamScanner App to Avoid Hacking

CamScanner for Android was recently hacked. Update the app to avoid hacking and keep scanning your invoices.

Update CamScanner Today

Update your Android apps – or you might get hacked! Most of us don’t pay much attention to the dark web and cybercrime, but every now and then the researchers come up with something both important and actionable.

Last week, a list of compromised Android apps was released on lifehacker and that made us look at some other posts.  We found one app that has been hacked that we ALL depend on: CamScanner.

Unknown hackers put code into a few versions that allow them to install other apps and sign you up for paid subscriptions. If you downloaded camscanner in 2010 between June 17 and July 25 but haven’t updated the app yet – please do so today.  It’s usually a good practice to update your apps regularly anyway.

Just head to your Google Play Store, type in "CamScanner," and hit the "update" button. If you want, you can go to "Settings" on your phone and select "auto-update apps" so you won't have to manually update them in the future!

Updating CamScanner will keep you safe and happily scanning! As far as we know, Apple users are safe for now.

For more details, see this report. If you want to see the list of recently hacked apps, it's here.