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When Will I Get Paid by InstaPay?

InstaPay is committed to paying its carriers same-day or within 24 hours of receiving a load. Here is when you can expect to get paid based on the time you receive an email confirming a transfer has been initiated.

Remember, to submit a load and track your payment, simply log in to the online portal on our website. You can read how to use the portal, update invoices, and view invoice details all on our blog!

Here’s the payment timing breakdown:

If we initiate the payment…

  • before 1pm ET, the payment is guaranteed to arrive by 6pm ET on the same day, but most arrive by 5pm ET.
  • before 5pm ET, the payment is guaranteed to arrive by 6pm ET on the next business day, but most arrive in the morning. This depends entirely on the bank a carrier uses, not InstaPay.
  • after the 5pm ET-7pm ET window, the payment will arrive in the afternoon on the next business day by 6pm ET.

If you would like your money for use the very next morning, be sure to submit your invoices before 5pm ET! We hope this outline helps you plan better so you can have your money when you need it.

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