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Factoring for Brokers

QuickPay your carriers

Leverage InstaPay to grow your business and provide QuickPay to your carriers. Flat rates, flexible terms, same-day funding.


Low Rates
Flat broker rate
Flat QuickPay rate
No hidden fees

Same-day approvals
Same-day funding
Carrier QuickPay

Eligibility & Terms
Must be over $100K in A/R
1-year contract
Volume commitment

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How it works

1. Submit your paperwork
We usually require job confirmation, BOL and invoices.

2. Receive your payment
We approve invoices the same day, payments take 24 hrs.

3. We'll pay the carrier
We can quickpay your carrier or pay net 30. Let us know.

Collections are on us
We'll invoice your customer and collect payment.

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Tech-savvy? Let's integrate!

We are a forward-thinking factoring service built on top of technology, not manual labor. Let's see how we can make this cheaper for you by automating the funding process.

Email us at sam.b@getinstapay.com to speak about integrating with us.


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