Credit Lines

Borrow up to $5M with a flexible credit line

Growth capital for 3PLs. Focus on what matters to grow your business with InstaPay – your new financial backend.

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revolving credit

Our credit line lets you borrow and only pay for what you actually use.

Flexible terms

It all comes down to your ability to grow business fast and profitably.

Daily interest

We charge a daily interest so you only pay for what you use.

Don’t factor
Simply borrow

Borrow and only pay for what you use. Assign your receivables to InstaPay and borrow within your A/R. We’ll return any extra money.

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How it works
Assign Receivables

You assign all your accounts receivable to InstaPay and stamp your invoices with our remittance info.

Upload A/R & Borrow

Borrow as much as you like within your total A/R. Pay interest only on your net balance.

Access More Capital

As your clients pay us, your credit balance clears. We'll transfer payments to you at no charge if you don't owe us.

Credit Line Eligibility

200K minimum

3 yrs in business

600 FICO

Our revolving credit line is for 3PLs, brokers, and carriers with monthly load volumes over $200K. Leave your contact info to learn more.

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