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Don't wait for the marketplace to pay you! Get paid for your sales the next day.

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Sell today. Get paid tomorrow.

Why wait weeks to receive payment from your marketplace? With InstaPay you get paid daily for everything you ship.

Connect your store

Grant us access to your seller account and connect to our app. Set up takes a few minutes.

Get money daily

We pay you on a daily basis for the shipped orders. Funds are in your bank account the same day.

Get settled fast

When Amazon pays, we settle up and send you the rest. You get your money automatically and fast.

How to Get Started

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Simply fill out our contact form to start your online application.
Connect your store
Connecting your store to InstaPay takes 5 minutes.
Get daily funding
We'll automatically check your account daily and fund you. That's it.


Rates starting at 1.77%

Say your shipments today are $1,000, at 2% rate we'll charge you $20 for the funding. There are no other fees.

Advance up to 70%

Returns happen, so we only fund a share of your shipments. If your shipments are $1,000, at 60% you can borrow $600.

Same-day payout

Our default payment option is same-day and comes free of charge. We do not charge for sign up or termination.

Who is eligible


We only work with U.S. entities ran by U.S. residents or Canadian citizens.

Good standing

Positive store reviews and no account marks by Amazon are necessary.

Minimum volume

We work with startups, but your average monthly volume should be at least $10K.

Proud to serve our clients

Setting up with InstaPay was quick and easy. The funding was efficient and the info we needed once we were set up came via a simple e-mail.

Robert & Tania


InstaPay has allowed our store to scale faster because it allows us to receive payouts on a daily basis. We feel more confident going into the holiday season with InstaPay.


DKG Warehouse

InstaPay has allowed me to take my Amazon businesses from 300k per year to over a million per year. They are superior over Payability in every aspect!



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