Owner Operators

Non-Recourse Factoring

Don't wait to get paid by the broker. Simply send us your documents, and we'll pay you right away. Broker goes bankrupt? The risk is on us.
Sign up today in minutes and factor your first load for FREE.


3.5% Rate
96.5% Advance
Flat rate per load
NO other fees

Submit BOL and RC to get paid
Same-day approval
Receive money in 24 hrs
Funds are deposited via ACH

We invoice and collect
Sign up in minutes, no fee
No contract lockup
No termination fee


Factoring for Fleets

Recourse Factoring

If you run a fleet over 5 trucks you can apply for InstaPay recourse factoring. 2% flat rate, payment next day, invoicing is on us.
Leave your contact info and we'll reach out to you shortly.


2% Rate
up to 95% Advance
NO other fees

90-day recourse
1-year commitment
NO minimum volume required

Over $100K in A/R
Sound customer list
Active MC Authority


How it works


Step 1. Submit your docs
After you’ve finished your delivery, simply email or upload your Rate Con and BoL.


Step 2. Receive money
We review the docs and ACH you the money. Funds usually arrive the next day.


Step 3. Enjoy
Yes, that's it. Invoicing and collections are on us while you can focus on your business.


Carriers ❤️ InstaPay


Questions?  📞  855 777 2242