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InstaPay Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is your rate?

Our non-recourse rate is flat 3.5% per load. We do not have any other hidden fees.

What additional fees do you charge?

We don't have any additional fees. InstaPay is a hassle-free factoring service that works for the carrier, not against.

Is your rate non-recourse or recourse?

We only offer non-recourse factoring.

What is non-recourse factoring?

We are non-recourse – meaning if the broker does not pay a load for anything that is out of your control, for example a Broker goes bankrupt, – we will be responsible for collecting those funds from the broker and will not ask you to pay us back.

Do you handle collections?

Yes, we handle collections for you. Once your load is delivered, submit clear docs, get paid and we handle all the invoicing and collections.

What is your reserve?

We don't require a reserve, so you'll receive 100% of the load rate less the factoring fee, from day one.

Do you offer fuel advances?

Yes, we offer fuel advances for carriers who have factored at least 10 loads with us. The non-recourse rate for fuel advances is flat 5% per load.
Once a load is picked up, you can send us your Rate Con, we will pay you 50% of the rate the next business day. Once delivery is completed, send in your signed BOL and we will initiate payment for the remaining 45% of the load.

Do you factor every load?

We factor most loads. We reserve the right to decline a load, for example if it is 3 months old or from a broker that does not meet our eligibility criteria.

Do you factor for every broker?

No, we run credit checks to make sure we are working with reliable brokers. We are non-recourse – meaning if the broker does not pay a load for anything that is out of your control – we will be responsible for collecting those funds from the broker and will not ask you to pay us back. Because of this, we need to make sure the brokers we are factoring loads for are credit worthy. You can always call, email us or check a Broker's eligibility on Carrier Portal before picking up a load to make sure we will factor for that broker.

How do you pay?

We pay via ACH transfers. We do not do wire transfers.

How long does it take to receive payment?

We will pay within 1-2 business days from receiving your complete and legible load docs. Normally, funds are available the next business day. We'll give you updates through email when we initiate your payment, and when your payment goes through.

Do you offer a Fuel Card?

No, we do not offer a fuel card. You are free to work with any Fuel Card provider.

Do you have a mobile app?

No, currently we don't, but we are working hard to improve our clients' experience. You can visit our Carrier Portal on the web to view previous transactions and check brokers.

Getting started

How I qualify to factor with you?

  • You must have an Active Carrier Authority
  • Your Auto and Cargo Liability Insurance Certificates must be valid

How easy is it to get started?

You just need a few things to start factoring with Instapay

  • Verify your email address
  • Upload your Drivers License
  • Fill out a brief onboarding packet online

What is in your onboarding packet?

  • W9 Form – you will fill out and sign it online
  • A picture of your Drivers License – simply upload it
  • Notice of Assignment (NOA) – you will fill out and sign it online

What is a Notice of Assignment?

Notice of Assignment (NOA) is an official permission from you to us to collect from brokers. Once you factor a load from a new broker we will have to notify them that we will be receiving the payment for that load because we have already paid you.

Do you have a contract?

We don't have a contract, but we have Terms of Service to which you agree. We do not lock you up in a contract, and if you decide to leave InstaPay, you will be free to do so. Similarly, we reserve the right to stop business with you at any time.

Factoring your loads

How do I factor loads?

To factor your loads simply email us at with the following items:

  • Final Rate for the load that includes all accessorial charges and whether you took an advance
  • Photo or scan of Bill of Lading
  • Photo or scan of Rate Confirmation
  • Photo or scan of Additional receipts

Please make sure the quality of photos or scans is high so brokers can accept them when we collect on your behalf.
Please submit separate loads in separate emails. One load per email.

How do I know if my load was received?

Once we received your load you be notified via email that we have received it.

How do I know if my load was approved?

Once we receive your load, we will process it and notify you whether it's approved or declined. Should any additional paperwork or information be needed, you will receive a follow up email from us.

How do I get paid faster?

To ensure we can process your payment ASAP, please follow the rules below:

  • Send good quality scans
  • Send one load per email
  • Include all paperwork is in one email
  • Circle or highlight the receiver's signature
  • Briefly let us know:
    • the rate you are expecting (if different from R/C),
    • if you took an advance,
    • if there are any additional receipts or charges

What if a Broker needs original BOLs?

First, email the Rate Confirmation and BOL to us so we can factor the load for you. We ask that you mail the PODs and all additional paperwork directly to the broker and provide a tracking number so we can make sure the documents arrive at the brokers location before initiating payment. In the past, we have had brokers dispute whether or not the documents were received and they would not submit payment to us.

What if I have pending detention or lumper receipts?

We will pay what is listed on the rate con provided by the broker (minus any advances or fees taken on the load). Should the broker offer to pay extra money for detention or lumpers paid out of pocket, simply request an updated rate sheet from the broker so we can initiate the extra payment. An email coming from the broker approving an extra amount to be paid will suffice as well. All lumper receipts, whether paid by the broker or carrier, need to be provided in order to avoid the broker short-paying us.

What if a Broker accidentally pays me?

Please call and notify us right away! Failure to alert us of a payment sent directly to you within 10 business days will result in a 5% fee. If a broker sent you a check, you can forward the check to:

  • PO Box 6619
  • Austin, TX 78762


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