How to Get Your Load Approved by InstaPay

Getting delivered loads approved can be frustrating when you have so many expenses to manage. Here are a few tips to speed up the process.

Getting Loads Approved Quickly

Imagine this: you’ve been on the road for hours. You finally delivered your load. Now you need money ASAP to fuel up and make your way to the next delivery. InstaPay can help you get paid on the same day to meet some expenses, but there are specific things you can do to get your load approved quicker.

Here are some helpful tips on getting those delivered loads approved quickly so you can get on with your day:

1. Provide the broker with your Notice of Assignment when you first set up with them. It takes most brokers 2-3 business days to set InstaPay up as your factoring company, and they will not release any information about the load to us until we are on file with the broker. Doing this when you first set up with a broker will save you a lot of time in the long run.

2. Make sure you are sending in clear scanned copies of your paperwork. All four corners of the document must be visible. InstaPay suggests downloading CamScanner, a free scanning app available for both iPhone and Android. We must be able to clearly read the paperwork.

3. Circle the receiver's signature. Sometimes the receiver will sign in the wrong spot and the broker thinks the load has not been delivered. Circling the signature will clear up any confusion with the broker.

4. If the rate you are expecting to get paid differs from what is listed on the rate con, let us know in the notes section when you send in the load.

In case you need help navigating the online portal, we have a quick tutorial available for you right here. Now you know how to get your load approved quickly so you don't have to worry about cash flow. Happy factoring!

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