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How to Update Your Payment Info with InstaPay
22 October, 2019

Update Your Payment Info

InstaPay is partnering with a new payment processor named Dwolla to deliver faster payments to our carriers. InstaPay's clients will now have an extra hour to submit loads starting October 1! In the past, carriers had until 11:30am ET to submit invoices. Now, you can submit invoices until 12:30pm ET to ensure same-day payment. Extra time without changes to the existing service - we will still have flat rates with no hidden fees and free same-day ACH.

To make sure you continue getting paid on time, you must update your banking information by September 30 on the online portal. Starting on October 1, we will fully switch to Dwolla to make payments to carriers. InstaPay does not have access to your banking information because it is stored securely and we cannot access it. We cannot update it for you because telling us your information via phone or email is dangerous.

Why do we ask you to connect to your bank? So we can pay you!Other methods to verify accounts ta

Here's how you can get ahead of the game and update your information today:

1. Once you log in to the online portal using your email, there will be a notification at the top requesting you to update your banking info. Click on "Settings" in the notification.

2. You will have to agree to the InstaPay Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy (PP), the Dwolla TOS and PP, and processing payments through Dwolla. Check all three boxes. Click "Agree & Continue." If you have been working with InstaPay, you've already agreed to our TOS and PP in the past. Since we are adding Dwolla to our process, you just have to re-accept. You can read the InstaPay TOS here and the PP here. You can read the Dwolla TOS here and the PP here.

3. You'll see that there are 2 ways to update your information. You can either connect your bank or enter your information manually. Connecting your bank account allows you to instantly verify account ownership, but it requires you to log in to your online bank account. If you prefer not to do that, you can manually enter your account and routing numbers and verify account ownership by entering micro-deposit amounts, which takes up to 3 business days.

4. If you choose to "Connect Your Bank," you will see this screen. Click "Continue."

5. Select your bank.

6. When you click on your bank, you'll have to log in to your account. Enter your user ID and password for that bank account.

7. Once you log in, the bank may send a verification code to your phone or email. Choose if you want the code sent to your phone as a text or via email.

8. Enter the verification code and click "Submit" to finish the bank login process.

9. Then, you will be asked to pick which bank account to use with InstaPay. For example, if you have a checking account and a savings account, you can pick which one for InstaPay to make payments to.

10. Once you've successfully linked your bank account, you will see this page with the message that you have a verified account with InstaPay.

The second way to verify your account with us is through micro-deposits. You can give us your bank information and we will deposit two small amounts in your account, which you will enter on the portal once you receive them.

2. Going back to step 2, click on "Enter Info Manually" if you don't want to sign in to your bank account.

3. Enter your account number and routing number, check the box to agree to using InstaPay and Dwolla, and click "Add Bank Account."

4. Next, you'll see this page. Two micro-deposits will be sent to your bank account within 3 business days.

Once you receive those deposits, please log back in to the portal and click "Amount 1" on this page under "Settings." A drop-down menu will appear. Click the amount you received.

Do the same for "Amount 2." Then click "Verify Account."

Congrats! Your account should be verified with InstaPay now. You'll be able to continue receiving payments from us as usual.

You can always come back to the "Settings" page and update bank accounts under "Payments." If you need to remove a bank account, email us at This new payment processor will make getting paid faster and easier for you with the extra hour for submissions. If you're not already partnered with us, apply today! We have flat rates with no other fees and no time commitments. Sign up for free today!

22 October, 2019
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