How to View Invoice Details on InstaPay's Online Portal

InstaPay's new online portal update lets you view and download freight invoice details straight to your computer.

View Invoice Details on the Portal

InstaPay just rolled out a new feature that lets you see invoice details and download important information on your device. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using detailed view on your portal account.

1. Go to and click on “log in.” You’ll see this page.

2. When you log in, you’ll automatically be on the “Invoices” page.

Here you can filter which invoices you want to see and which status. Just click where it says “All Invoices” and/or “All statuses selected” to change the filters.

3. Hover over an invoice entry and simply click. The view should expand.

In expanded view with details, you can see the follow:

  • invoice number
  • delivery date
  • load rate
  • debtor
  • MC number
  • debtor location
  • discount rate
  • fuel advance
  • date of invoice
  • amount collected

… and more. This is not a complete list and not everything listed may apply to the invoice you are viewing.

4. In addition to attaching files, users can also leave important comments about the invoice.

The comments will show above the “files” section. For example, the detention is listed under “invoice details” but the user clarified that it is not in the rate confirmation. When using the portal, be sure to leave important comments! This will help InstaPay process invoices and pay you quickly!

5. To download files, simply click on “Download files.” Your device will automatically download the file or prompt you to save it.

InstaPay’s online portal continues to be the best way to manage your account! From free credit checks to quick invoice uploads, we are always adding new features. We hope this new detailed view helps keep things transparent and makes doing business with us that much easier!

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