Non-recourse factoring

Factoring for Owner Operators

Don't wait to receive payments from your clients – try InstaPay, the first factoring company that has one flat rate, same-day payment and no signup or termination fees.

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Simple Pricing

Flat rate
Single 3% rate per load.

No transaction fees
We don't charge any transfer or hidden fees.

Try for free
Quick application and no signup fees.

Zero Hassle

Invoicing is on us
We bill your clients and handle collections.

If the broker goes bankrupt, the risk is on us.

Same-day funding
Send docs by noon, we'll transfer 💵 the same day.

Full Flexibility

No contract term
We don't charge a termination fee – cancel any time.

No volume requirement
Factor as much as you want.

Grow with us
If you grow you may qualify for a discount.

Extra Perks

Fuel advances
Receive an advance before you haul.

Free credit checks
Check if a broker is eligible online or via phone.

Phone support
Our team will help you resolve issues fast.